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About Our Company

Highly Trained, Highly Effective

Selle a vie is an online boutique saddle website based in the USA and France. We specialize in luxury used French saddles for clients worldwide. We carry a vast range of brands such as CWD, Meyer, Childeric, Butet, Antares, Devoucoux, and Bruno Delgrange.

​Selle a vie is owned and operated by Becky and Zac, an animal lover couple. Becky was born and raised in Brookfield, WI. She was studying nursing and received her License Practical Nursing (LPN). In 2020, she decided to take her next steps in the horse world. She made the change to do an extensive riding training program in Normandy, France. Currently, she is still riding her horses and going to horse shows to compete. Zac was born and raised in France. He has a masters degree in business and four years of experience in saddle fitting. He studied in Lyon and Toulouse, France and in Seoul, South Korea. He also rides and competes at horse shows. Together, they sell high-end used saddles, represent a high-end custom French saddle brand known as Meyer, and represent high-end tack brand known as Dyon.   

​They have 17 years of experience around horses and 3+ years experience working hands-on as saddle fitters in the USA and France. They also have great connections with multiple fitters in both countries. Because of that, they know what a good quality and well-fitting saddle can do for the horse and rider as a team. Happy horse and rider means something was done right!

​Because they are often in France, they can find deals that they cannot pass on. They also have first-hand experience with professional packing and shipping of their saddles, while working with professional shipping companies. The packaging that the saddle comes in is almost as important as the saddle, right? So their goal is to provide their clients with the best experience yet. They strive to give the best help and advice that riders need in order to find a luxury quality saddle that corresponds within their budget.

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