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Trial and Refund Policy


Used saddles:

Ten business day trial period

Buyers MUST follow the trial policy in order to be refunded should a saddle not work. At the time of your order, you will be charged for the saddle. The purchase price of the saddle is refundable if you need to make a return with the saddle trial agreement document signed (please print this document, read, sign and date. Document can be found under Trial and Refund Page - "Saddle Trial Agreement Form" and email to 

These days are calculated as the date of delivery plus 14 additional calendar days.

Saddle needs to be returned in the same condition for a full refund of the saddle purchase price (i.e unbroken tree, no cosmetic change/damage, rips, tears, additional marks, etc.). If the saddle is returned dirty or needing any conditioning etc. there will be a $50 charge. 

Address for returns will be provided via email or on the saddle trial agreement form. 

Please email tracking number as soon as you ship -

You are responsible for shipping cost to return the saddle. 

There will be a $100 restocking fee if the buyer notifies us about a return AFTER the 10 day trial period.

If the saddle does not arrive back within 3 business days at the end of your trial period which is at the end of the seventh day OR the day you give notice that you will be returning, whichever occurs first, there will be an additional $150 deduction from your refund - unless shipment is delayed due to shipping company.

If the saddle is not received within 7 total days from the end of your trial period, which is at the end of the seventh day OR the day you give notice that you will be returning, whichever occurs first, refund will be refused, which will result in a final sale.

Saddles are sold as-is. The trial period serves as your opportunity to inspect and test ride the saddle. Used items are not guaranteed to be free of wear or damage.  We are not a manufacturer, and therefore cannot offer a guarantee on items. NO refunds will be offered as a result of any saddler or trainer inspections made after the trial period has ended.  We are not responsible for any suitability or condition issues brought to our attention after the trial period ends. 

DEPOSITS - If we arrange to hold a saddle with a deposit, the deposit is non-refundable unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

If a saddle is purchased and the buyer needs to cancel the order before it has been shipped there will be a $100 non-refundable charge deducted from the purchase price. 

New custom Meyer saddles:

Due to customization, every situation is unique and will be discussed individually. 

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